Being a guest in Tom Bleasdale's universe will soften your body where it has become rigid, touch deep into the gift of your emotional world, clear your mind's tendency for confusion, and inspire the spirit within — the spirit that is you
and will forever be you.

—Robert W. Usher III

Tom's work is intuitive, unique and always seems to get to the root of the problem. It's so much more than just Reflexology and Bodywork that he does. In my opinion Tom is a master of his skills.

—Rob Craer

The morning following my first
treatment I felt significantly better.
I had slept more soundly than I had in months and felt truly energetic.
I also appreciate Tom's direct way of dealing with people while being considerate of their situations.

—Mark Silverstein

Since that first day I came to Tom, my entire life has changed and I have grown so much, even to the point of loving myself. No word, no sound in this world that could express my love and gratitude to him…

—Marianne aka Raven Dancer

Thanks to Tom and EFT I can really say that my life is better now and getting better each day as I tap my way to my future. It really created peace in my world. I created a momentum doing the EFT work with Tom.

—Jan Elizabeth